Selling Estate Jewelry – An Introduction

You may be inclined to sell your estate jewelry, considering the ever-increasing price of gold over the last few months, but you may be apprehensive of getting the right price for it. Here is some information you’ll find helpful in overcoming that apprehension.

Important factors that help getting you the most from your jewelry include its accurate assessment. That is not to suggest that you become an expert in evaluating jewelry. Doing some homework can certainly fetch you a better price for your possessions. Let us proceed to see what decides the worth of estate jewelry.

Estate is generally used while referring to previously owned items or assets. Generally, pre-owned jewelry isn’t considered as precious as fresh jewelry. There is a category of people who would never purchase a second-hand piece of jewelry for whatever reasons. However, it is true that one can often save a substantial amount of cash by purchasing pre-owned jewelry.

The jewelry business is style driven. Some designs are classic, remaining in demand for decades, while others may last only for a couple of months. Estate jewelry that is not in style anymore can’t fetch you a good price. Actually, certain styles are so outdated that the jewelry in such styles gets sold at its fundamental price only. Now, estate jewelry should not be mixed with antique jewelry, which is about collectors’ items and may be best sold by a specialist. The difference in the price of antique and just old jewelry can be unbelievably high.

The amount of cash that you may collect for your pieces of estate jewelry depends a lot on the condition of jewelry. Rarely is it worthwhile to get your spoiled and broken jewelry restored. Most often such jewelry gets sold at its basic minimum price. Yet, this is not to deny that in certain cases the damage to jewelry may look extensive but in fact is rather nominal and can be repaired without spending a substantial amount of money. The reverse is equally true, meaning the damage may look very nominal but in fact it may be too bad to afford its restoration. Unfortunately, jewelry restoration is not to be attempted as a DIY project. It is the job of professionals and you should let them do it or you may end up losing a large sum of cash.

The pieces of jewelry that are already worn out affect the value adversely. The restoration of such pieces is very difficult and not worth the effort. Yet, you can expect to get its built-in price.

Cleanliness also affects the price of jewelry. Before you go out to sell your jewelry, it should be suitably cleaned. Unless you are very sure of the way of cleaning your jewelry, you shouldn’t attempt it and get it done from a jeweler. The incorrect cleaning of jewelry and gems may spoil and further reduce their value. Some jewelers may offer to clean it without any charge.

Most jewelry stores that buy estate jewelry are generally fine to go along with. Trust your gut feeling and go ahead but do remain alert and careful. Taking undue risk to get a slightly better value for your goods is not recommended.