Should You Buy Fine Jewelry From Online Jewelry Stores?

This is a nagging question asked by people wanting to buy jewelry. The temptation of having to pay a lot less than what they would have to otherwise pay in their neighborhood store is pretty great. However for most people buying stuff online the first time is like taking their first dip in a swimming pool. So what should you look out for when you want to find some good fine jewelry stores online? Lets take a look:

Online jewelry stores will typically buy stock and sell it at 50% lesser price than a brick and mortar would. However as you would be required to feed in important info such as your credit card details, address and email and all you must be extremely cautious while shopping for jewelry online; particularly because fine jewelry is rather expensive. Firstly learn about the quality grades that are available for the kind of gem that you are interested in purchasing. For instance the grading of diamonds is different from the grading of rubies; they both have different measurement yardsticks for their color, size and clarity.

Also you will need to learn about the kind of jewelry that you are interested in purchasing as websites have different ways of presenting the jewelry in front of you. For example, you definitely cannot measure a ring by putting it on while buying jewelry online, so some website will give charts and printable measurement devices so that you can take your own measurements to make an accurate assessment.

Next you will need to find out about the online jewelry store itself. Certain stores will specifically sell you fine jewelry or fashion jewelry and will give better prices on the kind of jewelry they sell. You will also no doubt be interested in knowing how you can bring down that price even further. The best way is to look for some discount coupons for fine jewelry online. A simple Google search will suffice here or you can simply hunt for them on the online jewelry store that you have selected. Another way is to hunt the website’s clearance section for offers. The best time to do this is after a major holiday as most of the jewelry which could not be sold during such times is put on clearance soon after.

You should ABSOLUTELY ascertain whether the site offers a refund and return policy for your purchase. This is really important as you will be making a purchase without physically inspecting the product first. In this case your best defense is to have the option to return the item if it fails to meet your requirements. Most reputed jewelry sellers will give you at least 15 days to return the item after you have received it (not after you have purchased it). You should also ascertain if the website has a good customer and after sales service, read product reviews and also frequent a few jewelry forums to learn more.

The best way to ensure that your money is well spent is to learn as much about fine jewelry stores before you purchase something from them. A certain risk always exist, however you can bypass it by being well informed.